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Maryland Association Of Financial Service Centers

Our Mission

The Association strives to unite and to provide leadership and direction to Money Service Businesses in the State of Maryland in a common organization for the purpose of providing industry programs of mutual benefit that will foster the business and interests of the members of the Association and provide better service to customers and to the community.

The Association strives to receive and disseminate to the members accurate and reliable information regarding matters relating to Money Service Businesses.

The Association strives to promote a more open and friendly interaction between its members, the public, regulators and legislators.

The Association strives to promote and maintain standards of fair and efficient practices in the Money Service Business industry with a view to promoting the common welfare of its members.

The Association strives to enhance the image of the Money Service Business industry by establishing recognition and awareness by the public of the professional services being rendered by the industry.

The Association strives to advance and promote the general public utilization of money service businesses by means of research, public relations, advertising and similar activities.

The Association promotes the following ethical standards that its Members are pledged to follow:

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